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Artist-Grade wood surfaces

We specialize in handcrafting high-quality raw wood surfaces for other artists, crafters, and DIYers to use for their art.

We noticed there was a problem in the wood art world: WHERE IS THE GOOD WOOD? There are professional paints, professional canvases, professional paintbrushes, and professional tools, but where is the professional wood?

Renee found herself constantly disappointed in the quality of craft store and wholesale wood, as these pieces aren't sanded, have blemishes, dents, or scratches, or have big gnarly knots or even cracks! Ugh! There was never a guarantee that your order would contain nice wood pieces and there wasn't enough consistency in knowing what to expect. There's nothin' worse for a wood artist than placing a bulk order for wood pieces just to find half of them blemished or ugly. No one likes trashy wood!

This is where we enter the scene. We pour our love and care into every single wood piece we create and we only sell the best.

We are now the #1 artist's choice for wood supplies and are becoming known as *THE* artist-grade standard for professional wood supplies.

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Ambrosia Maple


Aromatic Red Cedar

Rainbow Poplar


If you’ve ever wanted to try unique woods, you’ve got to try @itsdavidandrenee out! They sell unique wood species that you won’t find at the craft store.

They’re gorgeous and high-quality.

You won’t be disappointed!


Every piece of wood I have received from Its David and Renee has been high quality and resulted in a beautiful finished craft, no matter how I utilized it. I started selling my art in the past year and I get many compliments on their wood. Products on their wood also tend to sell faster both from social media interest and at my art markets. Their wood is easier/better to burn on than much of the wood I’ve bought at large craft stores and needs way less/no prep before burning or painting. I love the unique and funky woods most, and my customers seem to as well! They just result in very unique finished products and I think reflect my style and personality a lot. I love being able to support other small businesses and people I have gotten to know on social media—- it’s really almost just a bonus that their products are truly top notch


The attention to detail and hard work that goes into every piece of art is astounding. You can tell that David and Renée care about the finished product and their customer's happiness. The response time is quick and each piece is made to your satisfaction."


Ooooohhhhh my GOODNESS!!! I just had a chance to get back in town and open this box. 🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯 It’s incredible! Your wood is stunning!!!


Beautiful craftsmanship! We received a gift from David and Renee and we absolutely love it."


David and Renee are a hard working couple paying attention to details, creative, and well worth the price! I love their creations!"


[The Rainbow poplar cutting boards] burn so smooth, I was able to erase pencil mistakes with absolutely no trace (I've never had this happen before), and OMG when you put a finish on 😍🤤


I know the [wood] coming from you will be good, versus me trying to find something or someone on Etsy or other sources… I know I’m getting a good product! 


Some seriously unique wood right here. At @itsdavidandrenee you can get some lovely wood pieces you won’t find anywhere else.