About David and Renee

David and Renee are the double-duo behind It's David and Renee! We are pretty fun people with a good sense of humor and together we are living our best adventure. We love to travel, love to laugh so hard until we cry, and love getting ice cream for any reason whatsoever.

Individually, David is the main woodworker and Renee is the main artist, but we work together to merge our crafts and ideas. Sometimes we are both in the workshop working on things together, and other times Renee is sitting at the dining room table working on pyrography while David is in the shop.

We started off doing simple woodworking, but we are growing in new directions all the time. We have lots of ideas and don't feel restricted to one idea or direction. Renee does lots of pyrography and her art is on display at a local gift shop. She's also working on exploring digital art and we now have a Society6 shop. Some of the new things we are working on include The Burnables Box, finding a local gallery to work with, and exploring gourd art! We are also planning on our little business being our full-time gig some day, so we are always keeping an eye out for little local shop spaces for sale.