The Timberdoodle

What is The Timberdoodle?

The Timberdoodle is for our exclusive group of fans! It is an open space for everyone to come hang out, get exclusive promo codes, get FIRST access to all of our wood drops, submit requests for custom wood orders, get your art featured in our social media and website, score freebies, and whatever else comes up along the way!

Most of our Timberdoodlers create beautiful art on our specialty wood surfaces, but there are no rules or conditions to joining the group. We do have a few non-artist supporters that like to support us through our club! Whether you're a pyrographer, a painter, a sign-maker, a fiber artist, a DIYer, or any other kind of creator, we welcome you to join our Timberdoodle space. This uplifting community is for people to come together and share a love of creation and support our small business journey.

David and I started our little business in 2018, but didn't actually start doing anything until later in 2019. Now, we are so excited to start our business full-time in 2022! Your membership literally helps us live our dream. Without you, we wouldn't be able to do this. We are sincerely appreciative of your support. We can't wait for you to join us on our journey and to get involved in The Timberdoodle! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ David and Renee


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