The Timberdoodle


Think of The Timberdoodle as a luxury lil' hub with everything you need right there in one place. It's a $10/month online subscription group where you get new, off-market woods, a permanent discount, special perks and events, secret offers, freebies, monthly virtual Q+As, etc.

The Timberdoodle is for anyone and everyone who wants to create beautiful art on specialty, artist-grade, pre-sanded wood surfaces at a hefty discount, all while enjoying these premium perks, secret access, and fueling your wood art passion.

Only YOU get access to all wood drops! 

The public will no longer get access to these premium woods other than the 3 permanent stock items. Ornaments, ambrosia panels, beveled canvases, poplar pieces, extra large cutting boards- you get the idea- all of that has migrated into The Timberdoodle!


  • The Timberdoodle Marketplace: this is your secret shopping page full of Timberdoodle-only wood surfaces
  • Exclusive woods you can't get on the website anymore: everything other than the sample packs, rainbow poplar cutting boards, and cherry panels is going to live in The Timberdoodle Marketplace, offered just for you!
  • 2x monthly wood drops on the 1st & 15th of every month
  • Permanent 20% off all wood
  • Monthly Q+A sessions & tutorials
  • Exclusive Timberdoodle events
  • Custom ordering
  • Priority scheduling for custom orders
  • Score freebies
  • Get your art featured in our social media
  • Get your art featured on our website